The Great Reset

Episode 41: With Joshua Martin Director of The North American Wing of The Environmental Paper Network

June 9, 2020

We speak with Joshua Martin, Environmental Activist and Director/Coordinator for the North American Wing of the Environmental Paper Network since 2005.  He has also worked on forest conservation campaigns impacting public policy and supply chains for several leading US advocacy organizations, and helping to develop national networks of US public lands advocates.  Naturally, the environment and climate change lead our discussion - but we also discuss the bigger implications that Covid-19 has had on the environment and how we approach that moving forward.  We dig deep into philosophical impacts of the current state of the world as well as practical choices we can all make with conservation in mind.  We discuss the dichotomy of lifting up those at the lowest rungs of society without increasing consumption on an already taxed planet - and how we need to step back from our consumption if we indeed want to lift people from economic disparity and poverty.  A good discussion and much to think about.