We speak with Jay Melancon and Jordan Carlson who are Master Hair Stylists and founders of the amazing organization called Humble Hairdressers. The mission of Humble Hairdressers is to shift perceptions one cut at a time. They began reaching out to the larger community in Asheville to deliver style to everyone, power to the people - especially those who needed to see themselves differently and to be seen differently. They have events associated with Haywood Street Congregation which reaches out to the homeless and those less fortunate. They also do work with foster children who may need a hair cut to feel good about themselves, and they also work with domestic abuse survivors. Beyond the great work they do they also started a podcast to continue this mission and to highlight what has been going on in the hair industry during Covid and beyond. As often happens, we drift to the philosophical and what these intelligent gentlemen have noticed about the Covid era and what we can all change and learn through this time period. A great and at many times lighthearted conversation as we enter a new political era it felt good to have an uplifting post inauguration discussion. 


We discuss new information that has come to light from the Capitol insurrection last week. Why were some of these 'protestors' given a tour of the capitol the day before by sitting members of congress? There was a Social Media glow from all of this that did not highlight the the more violent notions of the attack on the seat of democracy. Should those who pushed for the doubting of the election be held accountable? With five days until the inauguration, what chaos can be stirred up by the 45th president, as he drifts beyond the point of his presidency? Madison Cawthorn represents our home region of Western North Carolina - but also sells 'Cry More Lib' T-shirts on his website, and was armed in the Capitol on the day of the insurrection. We discuss how the vaccine has rolled out slower than expected and some states are encouraging "vaccination-tourism" to help their economy while at the same time denying access to their residents. We also talk about how poorer countries, who were a part of the vaccine research and studies, have received no vaccine doses. 2021 is off to a blistering start, and there's a lot to unpack.



As horrible and dire events unfold in our nation's capitol as pro-Trump supporters storm the halls of Congress with vandalism and looting, we ask the question, "What country is this?" How could we possibly get to this point? We break down the timeline and hear calls for the 25th Amendment from both sides of the aisle. How complicit is the president in all of this? Why are 'patriots' and conspiracy theorists claiming Antifa is behind this? Who is the antlered and shirtless Qanon Shaman and what presents did he leave for the representatives and senators? Congress continues its business and Joe Biden is President. But this isn't over. So much healing and calming the division to come that won't go away January 21st. 

RECORDED LIVE during the Congressional counting of the electoral votes.

Happy New Year!

NEW THEME SONG!!! Thought we would change it up for the New Year. Waddya Think?

We speak with Bill Gilliland an award winning presenter, entrepreneur and ActionCOACH business coach. We also speak with Beth Lemmel who works with Bill as an ActionCOACH entrepreneurial talent scout. We discuss the tough times for small businesses during Covid-19 and how many have had to pivot and adapt and how there is opportunity available - even now. 

We discuss economic cycles and how this one may be different as we rebuild post-pandemic. How do businesses make things more personal and how do businesses adapt to their local commnity to be strong now and stronger beyond Covid-19? We also discuss the entrepreneurial spirit and how we could use schools to encourage that for kids in high school to push them to be more creative and unlock the potential of young entrepreneurs. We also speak to how we have a responsibility to support those local businesses we love to keep them going and what that means for our whole community. Bill offers some free business coaching during these trouble times for any of you listeners who may be interested. Find out more at his website: ActionCOACH 

We look back over 2020 and all of the incredible, bizarre, crazy, sad, horrible, and hopefully transcendent and transformational events that fell upon us this year. What did we learn? What are the changes we didn't like and the changes we did and the changes that still aren't in our periphery?   We speak on the reason we started this podcast and how that mission hasn't changed, but has organically developed into something we didn't draw up. Its delightful to see that happen - mostly by who we have spoken to - and their perspectives on this pandemic. A pivotal moment in human history and we are living through it. let's reflect on that. Goodbye 2020 - for good and ill. Hello the future where we will all live. Thanks to Shawndra's mom and political activist Sherry Thompson for joining us on this episode to close 2020.

We speak with Jonathan Swinger a physician's assistant specializing in orthopedic surgery with Southeastern Sports Medicine. He talks about his experience being on the front lines of Covid-19 and the fear and anxiety that goes into it. We discuss the cases of the virus rising and what he sees happening at the hospital. He also discusses the shortage of PPE and what that was like and how that shortage could begin happening again. He describes what it's like to enter an operating room with someone who is known to have Covid-19 and how he and other medical staff all have to face that on numerous occasions. Jonathan also received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and using his Master's of Science degree he explains mRNA vaccines and how they work. The vaccine offers hope on the horizon but he reiterates that we still have to follow the guidelines to continue to prevent the spread of the virus. It comes down to being selfish or caring for other people. Wear your mask, socially distance and wash your hands. Those things we will have to continue to do for some time until we are past this. Great to speak to someone on the front lines of Covid-19.    

We speak with Kara Irani, Director of Marketing and Communications for Manna Food Bank. Manna Food Bank is a non-profit organization serving Western North Carolina since 1983 and an accredited member of Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. Their main goal is to end hunger in WNC. Kara talks about the growing need in our region for Manna's services as the economic upheavals from Covid-19 have left many more people in dire straits. The sheer numbers she is seeing compared to this time last year is astronomical. We hear how Manna and other organizations like it are working at the Federal level to change SNAP regulations and combat the root causes of poverty and hunger. We urge any of you who can to donate or volunteer for Manna or any other food bank or food pantry in your area this holiday season. We also urge you to write, call and push your representatives to do more about the root causes and help with the problems facing all of us as the economic fall out of Covid-19 continues. There are people who used to donate to and volunteer at Manna who are now asking for help. It could happen to any of us.   

We discuss the vaccine's arrival and the hope it brings. Even in our small city medical professionals have already received their first dose of the the vaccine. Covid cases are higher than they have been during the entire duration. Despite the vaccine's hope - things are still dire. We examine the government passing a defense bill for 740 billion while so many people and businesses are suffering. Why is the defense budget so high? We examine poverty in America and the misunderstanding of that and the standards that have been laid out are unfair and do not help those in need.



It's called 'The Real Welfare Queens' and it's available on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-548969419/boostraps-final-mix-1


We recorded this on Shawndra's birthday and had the opportunity to speak with her best friend Angie Breakfield. Angie is an Orthodontic Treatment Floor Supervisor and also a Covid-19 survivor. She recently contracted the virus in Southern Ohio where she lives. She speaks about her symptoms and her experience through all of that as well as the lack of mask wearing and people not observing of all the safety precautions for Covid-19 in her area. As the virus spreads through rural areas especially in the Mid West - and the daily number of cases continues to rise - we are a long way from being done with the virus, even with the vaccine on the horizon. Angie speaks about her experience with her children and wife through all of this and how so many milestones, like birthdays just aren't the same during a pandemic. Great to have Angie on and celebrate Shawndra's birthday.  

We speak with Kelly Denson, entrepreneur, event planner-turned-realtor, and volunteer for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials. We discuss Kelly's transition from large events like Asheville's beloved Wing Wars and Burger Wars to a whole new career amidst coronavirus. We then dig into how Kelly decided to take a risk and join the COVID-19 vaccine trials with her best friend and her partner. The three of them participated in the Spartanburg, South Carolina Moderna vaccine trials, and she shares her experience from making the decision to participate and every step along the way to now testing positive for the antibodies two months in a row. We also talk about people's resistance to vaccines, and how we all have to be ready to be uncomfortable for a day or so in order to be free from this virus and allowed to go back to all the things that we love to do with others. There is hope in this conversation as we are reminded that we are on the last lap to getting passed this life-changing pandemic, and we celebrate people like Kelly who are helping to prevent needless death with the advent of the vaccines. The importance of groundbreaking medical research that has led to these vaccines extends beyond just COVID-19 as some of this medical research will help lead to cures for other diseases that aren't so novel. 

Keep masking up and staying socially distanced--we are nearing the finish line in part thanks to people like Kelly!  

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