The Great Reset

Episode 54: With Brian Jones - Eyewitness to the Portland Protests

July 30, 2020

We speak with Brian Jones, a security contractor from Florida.  Brian was recently in Portland, Oregon to document and experience the protests.  We spend a lot of time discussing this and hearing Brian's perspective.  Brian is also a Covid-19 survivor who has lingering symptoms and complications that still persist.  He describes his experience and how he remains hopeful.  Brian is a witty, interesting guy who describes himself as an agent provocateur. Centrist or Political Anomaly. Troller of both sides of the fence.  His Facebook feed is often hilarious and provocative - and the comment sections are something to behold - especially since Brian has friends from every part of the political spectrum.  As I describe him - he likes to poke the fire - whatever color that fire may be.  Great perspective on Portland and on Covid-19.  A fun conversation.