The Great Reset

Episode 44: With Esther Manheimer Mayor Of Asheville, North Carolina

June 15, 2020

We speak with the mayor of our city - Esther Manheimer.  We talk about the city government's approach to Covid-19 and the many ways they have to change and adapt.  We speak of the recent protests and the Asheville Police Department making the national news for destroying a medical tent, water bottles and medical supplies.  She speaks of reform that is on the docket for the city council as it concerns the police and what that might look like.  We discuss the fast track that some policies have taken to be implemented far more quickly and effectively - and how the bureaucracy can be worked around when needed.  We discuss the loss of revenue from the fall in tourism, parking meters and sales tax and how that effects the budget for the City of Asheville.  We highlight some of the larger changes we see on the horizon and share in the anxiety and uncertainty of this situation and how our leaders feel all of that as well.  An often frank discussion about the bigger and unknown circumstances we find ourselves in and try to remain hopeful for ourselves and future generations.