The Great Reset

Episode 38: Planet of The Humans and how humans check their idea of Sustainability

May 31, 2020

We get back to our roots and discuss big issues - the most important issue to us is climate change and the haphazard approach to that that is presented in a way to give us comfort.  Yet, we are finding that even "Green Energy" has a large carbon footprint and relies on unsustainable resources.  We also get into the nature of consumption and how that relates to over-population. We finished watching the film  'Planet of the Humans' and it gave us a lot to think about and consider.  Are we doing the right thing to prevent global climate catastrophe or are we simply relabeling our energy consumption to make ourselves feel better?  While there is conjecture and hyperbolic claims in the film - many interesting points and means of energy creation are brought to light - to remind us that larger change - at a different level - will be required for humanity to succeed continually on this planet.