The Great Reset

Episode 35: With Tamara Lee - Certified Sex, Dating and Relationship Coach

May 22, 2020

We speak to Tamara Lee - a Certified Sex, Dating and Relationship coach who also coaches about relationships with money. She specializes in working with women to empower them in their financial and sex lives. Using a combination of healing modalities (breathwork, meditation, embodiment practices) from the Tantric and Taoist philosophies, She is able to help reconnect her clients back to their own voice and internal power.  She has some great perspective on dating in the Covid era and how the choices we make during this can empower all of us as we move forward.  She is currently single and has some insight as to how approach dating and relationships in this strange time we are living through.  We dig into some of her techniques and advice and explore the 'facade of the screen' that can have all of us feeling disconnected.