April 24, 2021

Episode 3: With Heather Reich Edwards Pelvic Therapist and Sexuality Counselor

We have a lively conversation with the leader of Vinos and Vulvas, Heather Reich Edwards, which are panel discussions that pre-COVID took place at bars and breweries and attracted people from all genders and sexual orientations from ages 30-70.. She/her has been a pelvic physical therapist for 17 years and is an AASECT certified Sexuality Counselor as well as a Sex Educator. Heather founded Vino & Vulvas--An Edgy, Inclusive, Informative Sex Talk, and she also creates crotch coloring books for the “Crotch Enthusiast.”
We also cover the Me Too movement, cancel culture and the idea of retribution and redemption for for those who are accused or admit guilt. With the internet being judge, jury and executioner, is there a way to have forgiveness and an allowance for healing and change? 

During COVID, Vino and Vulvas has morphed into Bubbles & Bubbly that take place over Zoom from the bathtub. The next Zoom is taking place Saturday. May 1. 8:30pm EST at www.bubblesandbubbly.com. This session will focus on: “If you are someone who plays with power or WANTS to play with power with intimacy... don't miss this one. We're talking about power. We're talking about domination and how it can be used both in person, and also from a distance so that you can use this erotic charge to infuse all of your intimate relationship where long-distance, or skin-to-skin. There were certainly be an interactive portion of this event, because honestly, I can't see anyway around that. These panelists I've got for this one... they know their shit. @felynefitness @luciefielding @feralfemme @heatheredwardscreations.”


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